CA PPM Collaboration

The collaboration functionality in CA PPM allows your project teams to communicate effectively, share knowledge, manage documents and resolve issues. Project managers can easily create collaborative environments so teams can find the information they are looking for in one location, instead of searching through emails and in some cases individual computers.

CA PPM Collaboration

CA PPM allows your users to easily store and share documents.

The toolset allows your teams to work together on any type of business initiative, from the review and approval of a document to the delivery of a complex project with geographically dispersed participants. Users can share and route information, provide feedback and approval and resolve issues in a single secure environment.

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CA PPM features

CA PPM Case Studies

A collection of CA PPM case studies and Data Sheets are available that describe real-world benefits of using CA PPM for corporate giants such as Sky, Qantas and Toyota.

Case Studies and Data Sheets