CA PPM Demand Management

CA PPM’s Demand Management capabilities enable you to get a complete picture of the total demand being placed on your IT resources, whether this be as a result of approved project work or unplanned work in the form of new ideas, bugs, incidents and support requests.

CA PPM Demand Management

CA PPM enables you to identify, evaluate and prioritise all of this planned and unplanned demand, so you can allocate resources to the highest-value business opportunities.

Demand can be captured in one of two ways: directly into CA PPM though easily configured forms or through integration with systems you currently use to capture help desk tickets, incidents and service requests. However, regardless of the data source, CA PPM will provide you with the functionality, reports and dashboards to prioritize and manage all requests to ensure that you allocate resources on the basis of hard evidence of demand and to the most valuable business opportunities.

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CA PPM Case Studies

A collection of CA PPM case studies and Data Sheets are available that describe real-world benefits of using CA PPM for corporate giants such as Sky, Qantas and Toyota.

Case Studies and Data Sheets