CA PPM Portfolio Management

Aligning your organisation’s portfolio investments to corporate goals and priorities will ensure that the opportunities you pursue will deliver the greatest benefits and the highest return on investment.

CA PPM will help you do this by:

Defining criteria to measure how well investment opportunities are aligned to business goals and grouping related investments into portfolios.

Evaluating different “what if” scenarios, e.g. by including/excluding possible investments and revising budgets, resources, timelines and benefits. These scenarios will provide an objective basis for choosing which business opportunities should be pursued.

Providing real-time monitoring of portfolio performance, with the ability to highlight, drill down and resolve problem areas within individual investments.

Encouraging new ideas from employees, customers and suppliers and evaluating these ideas to identify those offering the most promising business opportunities.

CA PPM Portfolio Management

CA PPM allows you to perform waterline what-if analysis.

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CA PPM Case Studies

A collection of CA PPM case studies and Data Sheets are available that describe real-world benefits of using CA PPM for corporate giants such as Sky, Qantas and Toyota.

Case Studies and Data Sheets