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Do you face these questions:

  • Are my plans realistic and feasible?
  • Do I have any capacity for more work? Which areas are overstretched?
  • What happens if a project is extended or delayed?

The reality is that you probably don’t have sufficient resources to complete all the work that you’d like to do. Balancing demand and capacity is tricky and agreeing the portfolio plan is rarely the decision of just one person. You can’t plan for every eventuality, but you can make some planning assumptions and present some alternatives for discussion and agreement.

Meisterplan is interactive, real-time resource and project planning software, which your people can learn and use quickly and easily.

Immediately effective

With Meisterplan, you can be productive within minutes – combining an intuitive interface with simple administration tools, users can easily create projects, allocate resources and develop realistic schedules of work.

Flexible and comprehensive

Whether working as a stand-alone system, or integrated with your current tools (e.g. MS Excel, MS Project, existing PPM systems etc.), Meisterplan provides an overall view across all of your work, resources and finances.

Instant visibility

Drag-and-drop planning enables you to see bottlenecks immediately, clearly displaying the effects of changing schedules, work priorities or resources. ‘What-if’ scenario planning becomes straightforward, enabling objective discussion of realistic planning alternatives, in real-time

Collaborate and communicate

Department and program managers work on their resource schedules and project portfolios, while keeping the big picture in mind through shared planning scenarios. Share new portfolio plans with the board, project managers, team leads or your whole staff.

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Meisterplan Case Studies

A collection of Meisterplan case studies are available that describe real-world benefits of using Meisterplan.

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