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Stage: Investigation of Current Environment (Requirements Analysis Module)

Establish Analysis Framework

  Develop Business Activity Model

  Investigate and Define Requirements

  Investigate Current Processing

  Investigate Current Data

  Derive Logical View of Current Services

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This Stage has the special characteristic of a planning step. This Step will either initiate the project, or on inspection of source documents (eg Feasibility Report) may recommend that management reconsider the objectives in the Project Initiation Document. It is an activity of getting to know the business area, and importantly, all those who have a stake in it and their objectives. This involves the conventional analysis skills of information gathering.

From this overview, detailed requirements are collected and models of the business are built. These models will include both existing clerical and IT systems, as well as planned business procedures and information needs.

These physical views of information and procedure are then converted to a logicalised view to produce the comprehensive survey results. These are expressed without reference to current physical constraints. All these constraints and problems are recorded, alongside other system objectives in the Requirements Catalogue.

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  • To deliver a description of current services and new requirements to management for use in Stage 2 (Business System Options).
  • Within this can be seen five objectives, namely to:
    • confirm that the project has the correct brief from management;
    • prepare initial task lists and resource estimates for the work;
    • establish a clear statement of functional and non-functional user requirements;
    • establish roles, especially for the users in the project;
    • model the procedures and information for which IT support has been considered appropriate in the Project Initiation Document.

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Inputs Feasibility Report

Project Initiation Documentation

Reports from previous studies

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Outputs Activity Descriptions

Activity Network

Business Activity Model

Current Services Description

Product Breakdown Structure

Product Descriptions

Product Flow Diagram

Project and Analysis Scope

Requirements Catalogue

User Catalogue

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Techniques Data Flow Modelling

Logical Data Modelling

Relational Data Analysis

Requirements Definition

Business Activity Modelling

Work Practice Modelling

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Roles Senior Requirements Analyst

Assistant Requirements Analyst

User Representative

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Tailoring SSADM

The whole point of investigating the current environment is to obtain the information necessary for providing Management with proposals on how defined business objectives can be achieved. This Stage is NOT about producing a set of DFDs or a Logical Data Model.

"What do we need to know in order to provide Management with options on achieving the defined business objectives?" The answer to this question determines what is investigated and documented during this Stage.

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Management Authorisation

  • Agreement to scope of investigation
  • Stage 1 controls
  • Stage 1 Plans

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  • Business objectives
  • Data descriptions from current environment
  • Forms and documents from current environment
  • Management and technical policies
  • Procedure descriptions from current environment

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