Webinar – Data Governance: Implementation and Evolution

16th April 2019 – 2pm BST

Data Governance: Implementation and Evolution (Building Momentum and Increasing Speed)

Governance programs inevitably experience challenges.   How you deal with these challenges ultimately defines the effectiveness of the program.

Challenges may vary from technology teething problems to issues with new working practises or conflicts around priorities and/or resources.  They all have to be dealt with professionally otherwise the governance program may flounder and lose credibility.  Maintaining and building momentum for a governance program requires constant communication and constructive engagement with stakeholders.

In this webinar we look at how to deal with the practical issues ensure the program stays on track and builds momentum:

  • The race without a finish line.  This is a process not a project
  • Using the executive policy to establish real controls
  • Applying the controls and measuring progress
  • The importance of working groups and collaboration
  • Reinforcing accountability and ownership
  • Refining the glossary, dictionary and lineage tools and processes
  • Refining and enhancing Key Data Elements templates
  • Transparency and reporting

View our Data Governance webinar under the Videos section of the website, here. Or, Contact us for a personal demonstration.