Webinar: Standardising a Common Approach to DG

26TH MAY 2022

16:00 PM BST

It is commonly understood that “data management” is a technical discipline concerned with controlling and organizing data, whereas “data governance” is concerned with the people, processes, and responsibilities involved with governing data acquisition, usage, archive, and disposal.

But how do you successfully implement this to create and deliver an effective operating data governance practice? This is where COMPASS adds value; essentially it is a how-to-guide set of best practices for your data governance efforts that details how enterprises can set up and deliver a data governance practice.

It helps you to

  • Unify and organize your current DG assets.
  • Elevate and align DG processes with the Business Goals and Objectives.
  • Embeds the operation, performance, and monitoring of the DG Program for continuous improvement.

Join us to see how you can effectively manage your data as an Enterprise asset and build trust with your data citizens throughout your enterprise.


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