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Product Intro

Casewise Evolve is a web-based social communication platform that sits on top of the Casewise Modeler Suite and enables teams across the enterprise to share data, collaborate, and communicate. Evolve uses the social media behaviour employees understand to help the company collect the expertise and experience of individuals and teams throughout the organisation.

Unique Selling Points

Web based social platform designed to receive input from all content creators and users.

Completely customisable with role-based user-specific interface.

Accessed on mobile and desktop devices

Accesses Casewise Modeler repository for source of content as necessary

Product feature details

Evolve harnesses all the information in the enterprise repository and makes it available to employees and managers based on defined roles and permissions.
Each Evolve user sees a customised welcome menu that aligns with his or her interest areas, responsibilities and needs.

Employees see themselves as catalysts for rather than victims of organisational change – bottom-up support that’s crucial to the success of any enterprise transformation.

erwin Casewise Evolve is a web-based social communication platform that enables teams across the organisation to provide input and socialise enterprise wide content for collaboration amongst all stakeholders.


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