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Product Intro

erwin DG Collaborate expands data governance beyond IT because all organisational stakeholders need to understand critical enterprise data within the context of their roles, track its physical existence and lineage, and maximise its security, quality and value to maintain compliance and enhance revenue growth. Traditional data governance capabilities are enhanced or extended by data impact analysis visualisations.

Unique Selling Points

Identifies data integrations, implications and impacts across the enterprise to aid change management and empower the organisation

Creates an integrated ecosystem of people, processes and technologies that manage and protect data and promotes collaboration

Breaks down business and IT silos for visibility

Helps mitigate a wide range of risks to provide regulatory peace of mind

erwin DG Collaborate enables you to understand who and what is using your data. By building lists of people, processes and business systems, users can understand the origin of data in BI reports and the data warehouse and build lineage maps. Business users can request data for BI reports through a self-service portal. It provides role-based, self-service visualisation and navigation with real-time data impact analysis to manage the risk and scope of changes, together with Data lineage analysis for business terms, data elements and physical data sources. The system features universal data-source harvesting, lifecycle management and modeling integrations, together with automated integration with the larger DG ecosystem of people, processes and technologies. Workflows, notifications and task assignments are also supported.

erwin DG Collaborate has an intuitive interface and provides a highly configurable user experience which enables users to see impact diagrams linking data elements, business glossaries, databases, processes and applications. You can assign data stewards and data owners. It features a powerful REST-based API for information exchange.

erwin DG Collaborate enables you to standardise how information is articulated by managing code sets and the rules for their use. You can build glossaries of terms in taxonomies with synonyms, acronyms and relationships, publish approved standards, prioritise terms and flag information.

erwin DG Collaborate allows users to raise issues against objects in the model with change requests, queries or errors managed by a workflow to service-desk products. They can reduce risk and understand the impact of change by defining rules for term management.

erwin DG Collaborate helps the organisation to define and publish information policies using process diagrams and to catalogue physical information and map to the central catalogue of data elements. You can then standardise how information is articulated by managing code sets and the rules for their use.


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