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Product Intro

With the advent of Big Data, including sensor data, email logs, social media and the Internet of things, data form, structure and storage have had to fundamentally change. Therefore, traditional structures for easy querying have been lost, creating a virtual black box. However, accountability, transparency, quality, re-usability and trust in data are vital for confident decision-making.

NoSQL requires us to maintain and integrate traditional database platforms with new “unstructured” data sources in a hybrid data architecture.

The challenge of adopting NoSQL in an organisation is two-fold: 1) mastering and managing this new technology and 2) integrating it into an expansive and complex infrastructure. But this full integration can be both expensive and risky.

erwin Data Modeler NoSQL gives both business and technical stakeholders a complete and contextual view of their document database assets. Users can discover, visualise, document, design and deploy document database instances efficiently and cost-effectively, mitigating the risks inherent to managing mission-critical data. First and only enterprise-class data modeling solution with native support for Couchbase and MongoDB.

Unique Selling Points

Enable traditional DBMS teams and developers to work effectively with document databases

Break down the complexities of NoSQL

Document NoSQL data sources for easier discovery and understanding

Expose NoSQL data sources to the enterprise in a standardised and governed way

Lower data management costs

Transform entity relation diagrams to a visual document database representation

Allow logical data designs and transformation

Product feature details

erwin Data Modeler NoSQL creates visual data models, enabling organisations to discover, design, document, deploy and manage native document database data structures and mission-critical databases. It is a SaaS-based tool with robust and scalable infrastructure.

erwin Data Modeler NoSQL enables import and visualisation of erwin Data Modeler models and provides transformation of entity relation designs to native document database structures through Query-Optimised Modelling ™. It also provides forward-engineering of document database schema generation scripts and reverse-engineering of hosted document databases, together with model cloning.

erwin Data Modeler offers ease of use and guided task automation, featuring an object properties editor, data model dashboard, the ability to add diagram comments and to generate internal and external notifications.


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