erwin DM NoSQL

erwin Data Modeler NoSQL gives both business and technical stakeholders a complete and contextual view of their document database assets. Users can discover, visualise, document, design and deploy document database instances efficiently and cost-effectively, mitigating the risks inherent to managing mission-critical data. First and only enterprise-class data modeling solution with native support for Couchbase, Cassandra, Apache Avro and MongoDB.
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erwin Data Modeler NoSQL

  • Creates visual data models, enabling organisations to discover, design, document, deploy and manage native document database data structures and mission-critical databases. It is a SaaS-based tool with robust and scalable infrastructure.
  • Enables import and visualisation of erwin Data Modeler models and provides transformation of entity relation designs to native document database structures through Query-Optimised Modelling ™. It also provides forward-engineering of document database schema generation scripts and reverse-engineering of hosted document databases, together with model cloning.
  • Offers ease of use and guided task automation, featuring an object properties editor, data model dashboard, the ability to add diagram comments and to generate internal and external notifications.
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