Hackolade is pioneering the field of data modelling and schema design for modern technologies serving data-at-rest (storage) and data-in-motion (communication.) The tool presents the unique ability to infer schemas and represent hierarchical and polymorphic structures into user-friendly Entity-Relationship Diagrams.
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Organisational challenges of Leveraging Big Data

Organizations all over the globe are acquiring, analysing, and assessing massive amounts of data from a wide range of sources. However, the difficulty with data is that interpreting it without a clear definition of its meaning is difficult, if not harmful. The unprocessed data must be described. The notion of “data models” and “schemas,” a kind of “blueprint” for databases and data transfers, is an effective approach to represent data.

Hackolade is easy to use and understand, but it also includes sophisticated graphics and graphic data modelling to help with NoSQL technology onboarding. Hackolade helps you achieve better transparency and control, resulting in faster application development, higher application quality, and fewer execution risks throughout the company.

As you construct a data model, Hackolade generates forward-engineering scripts in real time. It also creates data models by reverse-engineering existing database instances and data lakes, allowing a data modeller or architect to add descriptions, features, and constraints to the model. All while promoting communication between analysts, designers, architects, developers, and DBAs, resulting in improved data quality and data governance for AI, machine learning, and natural language processing.
Currently it is the only is the only data modeling provider for MongoDB, Neo4j, Cassandra, Avro, Parquet, Couchbase, Cosmos DB, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Firebase, Firestore, EventBridge Schema Registry, Glue Data Catalog, HBase, Hive, JanusGraph, MariaDB, MarkLogic, Snowflake, SQL Server, Synapse, TinkerPop, etc.

Benefits of using this software

  • Improved data quality
  • Privacy and GDPR compliance
  • Documentation and knowledge transfer
  • Enhanced integration
    Quicker time to market
  • Higher application quality

Qualities of Hackolade:

  • Graphic Visualisation (Intuitive and easy to use interface, just enough industry standards, Visual ER diagrams for JSON docs, Graphic hierarchical schema editing)
  • JSON nested objects (Field properties, Collapsible hierarchical schema view, JSON Schema editor)
  • Implicit relationships (Denormalized data requires thorough updates)
  • Forward and Reverse Engineering (Forward-engineering, Reverse engineering)
  • Data model documentation (HTML, Markdown, or PDF formats)
  • Team Collaboration (powerful tool for analysts, data architects, designers, developers, and DBAs)
  • Data Governance (attain right level of control, Data dictionary, Command Line Interface, Model compare and merge, User-defined custom properties, Naming conventions, Lineage capture, Bulk editing in Excel with export/import, Model-driven API generation, Native Collibra Data Dictionary integration).
  • Windows, Mac, Linux