Masterminding Enterprise Architecture

Mastermind, for those that don’t know of it, is a style of quiz and game show where a contestant is quizzed on their specialist subject of choice followed by a timed general knowledge section. When it comes to the practice of Enterprise Architecture (EA), we shouldn’t have to be wholly dependent upon such “Masterminds” with specialist or encyclopaedic knowledge. Instead we should be seeking to retain knowledge by putting systems and processes in place to retain that knowledge in a central accessible repository. The intent of an EA practice is to provide the right information to the right people at the right time for informed decision-making. A tool-based repository enables the creation and maintenance of a central Enterprise Architecture supporting the development of change deliverable’s.

Some top Use Cases for EA include:

  • Digital transformation. For an organisation to successfully embrace change innovation, EA, and project delivery need to work together; taking an idea from concept to delivery requires strategic planning and the ability to execute.
  • Innovation management. EA is crucial to innovation and project delivery.
  • Compliance. EA is critical for capturing and demonstrating regulatory compliance; it helps model and manage regulatory compliance.
  • Data Governance/security/risk management. EA helps to answer the Who, How, What, and Why questions of the being data used.
  • Process Management & Optimisation. EA supports the alignment of the operating processes with the strategic intent and delivery of goals and objectives.
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When your enterprise architecture is aligned with your business outcomes, it provides a way to help your business innovate and investigate the viability of ideas from both the technical and business perspectives.

As with Mastermind show there are no cash prizes – but EA helps to save time, money, and enable innovation.

If you would like to know more about how EA using erwin Evolve can help you then please get in touch.

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