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Discover how to get the most value from your erwin investment, and master your next data modeling project with acclaimed erwin software training and education from Sandhill Consultants.

Our Services

On-site, one-day, hands-on classes

Purchasing software is a significant investment, not just in money, but also the time required to become proficient. Professional, focused training from our software consultants at Sandhill ensures that you become productive and effective in the areas that you need, quickly and efficiently. It is the cost-effective way to maximise your return.

Across our range of products, Sandhill offer software training and consultancy with flexibly scheduled classes that can be mixed, matched and customised to meet your specific requirements. All software education material includes detailed step-by-step instructions and screen shots where possible.

What we do

Product knowledge

The software training curriculum has been developed by developed by Sandhill, people who know the products thoroughly and take the time to understand your particular requirements


The right blend of standard and custom software eduction to match your position, delivered on-site or on-line

Expertise and experience

Our consultants are also software users, so we understand what users find tricky, where to concentrate training effort and how to apply the lessons in real-world operation

Current, relevant updates

Software evolves continually and it’s important to beware aware of the latest changes which may affect your operation. Sandhill’s awareness of product developments and current best practice ensure that you make the most of the features available.  

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erwin Data Modeler

erwin Data Modeler is the industry-leading data modelling solution that enables organisations to discover, design, visualise, standardise and deploy enterprise data through an intuitive, graphical facility built on industry standards and best practices.

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