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Two broad approaches

Our experienced consultants have supported successful implementations of process and software system solutions in a range of industry sectors. We have worked in many organisations, in both public and private sector, blue-chip and SME. In some areas we have been actively involved with the same clients for more than 20 years. 

Software system implementations inevitably vary from client to client, reflecting each customer’s particular circumstances. By their nature, we typically become involved in the larger software projects with more impact at the ‘enterprise’ level. However, we don’t believe that there is one ‘right answer’, but there are a lot of wrong ones. Using our knowledge and experience we guide our clients towards the right balance between cost incurred and benefit realised.

The client trials an “out of the box” configuration for an agreed period of time, to assess whether the standard features meet their essential requirements. Typically, this approach is adopted where the tool is required to support existing processes, and to deliver efficiencies in the way these operate. Where specific requirements are not adequately addressed by the standard configuration, Sandhill will help to implement the software system to ensure client expectations are achieved.

The client requires software to be implemented as part of a specific business change project, where current management processes are being re-engineered. Typically, this approach will involve the client and Sandhill working together, as a joint team, to ensure that the new processes and software are aligned and will realise the projected benefits.

What We Do


This Step provides the platform for developing a close working relationship with the client and ensures that solid foundations are put in place for the project. Client objectives for the project and key stakeholders are agreed, as well as the specific benefits which the client wants to achieve following the implementation.

Understand and define processes and changes

The existence of a change project indicates that there are issues to address. Before making any recommendations on future processes, we look to understand the scale, scope and type of the related issues. The extent of our work depends greatly on the size of the organisation concerned, the number of people involved in the processes and how much work has already been completed. If any of this work has already been completed, we would utilise that in finalising the business processes.

Agree System Configuration

This determines how work, roles, responsibilities and the associated business processes will be agreed, following which, the “out of the box” functionality is assessed, to ensure that the solution will meet client expectations. This assessment may result in Sandhill making changes to the standard software configuration, including new or amended reporting functionality.

User Process and System Testing

This is concerned with establishing a ‘test’ environment in which the client can ensure that the software and any new associated business processes comprise an integrated and effective solution. Sandhill will assist in testing, the training of those client staff carrying out the testing activities and in loading any data required for testing purposes.


Plans for User training, data loading and cutting over to new systems will be agreed. Following ‘Go Live’, Sandhill can provide post-implementation support to gain user interest and adoption, completing any training/mentoring required to ensure that the system is embedded with minimal teething problems.

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