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Get the most from your erwin data modeling investment with world-class professional services from Sandhill. We can provide consultancy, software upgrades, business process suggestions and custom solutions to fit your environmental needs.

Systems are dynamic, software changes, organisations evolve – the solution that was right for yesterday, may not be what you need for tomorrow.

Sandhill offers a range of professional services to help you meet these challenges and move forward toward your strategic objectives. With a knowledgeable, experienced team, we can assist at many levels.

What We Do


Delivered on-site to assist with long-term strategic developments or remotely to address shorter-term, specific issues

Custom solutions

Need to integrate with existing software/systems? Have a specific use-case for software within a unusual environment? Sandhill can assist in development and implementation of specific solutions to meet your organisational need

Business process

Are you making the most of your software investment or could you use it better? Sandhill can advise on the ‘best practice’ use of the software we support, to help you use it effectively within your business processes.

Software upgrades

It can sometimes be difficult to stay up to date with current versions, particularly when you have a large estate of various products. Sandhill can advise and assist with structured programmes of product upgrades, scheduled to make the most of specific releases and to minimise operational disruption

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erwin Data Modeler

erwin Data Modeler is the industry-leading data modelling solution that enables organisations to discover, design, visualise, standardise and deploy enterprise data through an intuitive, graphical facility built on industry standards and best practices.

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