Webinar: Conquering Data Integration and Governance Challenges in the Modern Enterprise


11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Organizations usually have data dispersed across several locations, file systems, databases, and applications, including public clouds and legacy infrastructures. The amount and sources of data are always increasing. As a result, while most organizations require access to useful, actionable information, it’s getting more difficult to efficiently integrate and govern data.

While on the path to becoming more data-driven, businesses are experiencing a number of interesting advances. More adaptable, agile processes are being made possible by the development of data fabric and data mesh principles, real-time data pipelines, continued improvements in machine learning and AI, and the growing field of data enablement, to mention only a few.

On July 28, Sandhill will hold a special roundtable webinar to highlight the most important technologies and best practices for meeting today’s challenges surrounding data integration and governance. Reserve your space today!