Webinar – Data Governance: Strategy and Planning

28th March 2019 – 2pm GMT

This event has now passed. View the webinar under the Videos section of the website, here. Or, Contact us for a personal demonstration.

Data Governance: Strategy and Planning (Starting, or Restarting the Journey to Trusted Data)

Your organisation is unique.  It has a unique collection of people, organised in a certain way to serve customers and carry out the complex array of business functions needed to sustain its competitive position.  It needs to be excellent at management and execution of all its core functions.

Data lies at the heart of modern business.  Every business relies on data for communication, analysis, decision making, supply chain management, compliance, reporting and much much more.

Good (trustworthy) data empowers the organisation and its people. Bad (untrustworthy) data undermines the organisation and its people.

This webinar will help you construct a governance program that helps your organisation deliver trustworthy data.  The webinar covers:

  • Setting goals for your governance program
  • The pre-conditions for success
  • The components of a “Data Governance Control Framework”
  • Knowing your capabilities
  • Selecting the right governance model (centralised, federated or hybrid)
  • Engaging with the business: Accountability, drivers, priority and steering
  • Metadata, tooling and integration
  • The governance road-map

This is the First of a 2 part Data Governance webinar series. You can register for the second part here.