Webinar – erwin Mapping Manager Demo

19th March 2019 |  2pm – 2:30pm GMT

This event has now passed. View our erwin Mapping Manager Demo under the Videos section of the website, here. Or, Contact us for a personal demonstration.


erwin Mapping Manager (MM) automates enterprise data mapping and code generation for faster time-to-value and greater accuracy when it comes to data movement projects, as well as synchronisation of “data in motion” with data management and governance efforts.

Map data elements to their sources within a single repository to determine data lineage, deploy data warehouses and other Big Data solutions, and harmonise data integration across platforms.

erwin MM eliminates manual work and costly errors by providing:

  • Centralised and automated metadata-driven mapping with support for most data movement and data management tools
  • An enterprise metadata catalog with real-time synchronisation of core data management and governance capabilities and artefacts
  • More intuitive data lineage, plus standardisation, reuse and migration across data integration platforms

With erwin MM, you have data visibility, lineage and governance throughout the data integration lifecycle