Introducing erwin Work From Home

Sophie Eldred 23rd April 2020

Sandhill is pleased to announce the release of erwin Work From Home Impact Manager. In times of change and uncertainty organisations have had to quickly enable remote workforces and alter their business models. To enable organisations to do this, erwin have created a free, cloud-based application to help organisations manage these remote workforces and ensure compliance while providing a single source of intelligence around worker’s locations, communication preferences, systems, processes and technologies to aid them and their work.

erwin are offering this zero-code, multi-tenant SaaS solution free of charge for 180 days to enable companies to:

  • Map remote employees to their teams and resources to allow for efficient working
  • Give management access to assess their workers roles, process that require compliance, physical location and the data and application infrastructure they rely upon
  • Centrally manage employee communications and policies
  • Have a unified view of the organisational application and technology landscape
  • Centrally post and track communications in a Kanban format for auditing purposes

erwin Work From Home Impact Manager is provided with built-in tutorials and five customisable business persona templates, with a direct excel/csv import.

Contact us now to start the registration process. Please provide the following in your email so that our team can get your trial up and running quickly:

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