Past events

Amsterdam Roadshow 2018

Tace 7th December 2018

This event has now passed. You can view PDF copies of the content from the day here.

On March 20th 2018, Sandhill are making a data pilgrimage, bearing updates about the erwin world! 2017 has been a year of great change for erwin and Sandhill, which brings with it great new opportunities for our customers. Sandhill are doing a FREE day-long seminar in Amsterdam for both current customers and prospects.

The morning session will consist of a summary of the year’s changes, the new products in the erwin suite, and how existing and new customers alike can best take advantage of those changes. We’ll also be talking about what we expect to see in 2018, based on the erwin product vision and the opportunities offered by the new cloud-based platform, including product updates, such as erwin Data Modeller r9.8 and erwin Data Governance.

The afternoon session will include a general “erwin Surgery”. This is your chance to have your pressing erwin ideas and issues discussed by the group and find out more about erwin products you are interested in.

The event will run from around 9am local time until 2pm CEST. All location and timings information will be sent to those registered nearer to the time.

The event is being held at the Circl . Which is an award winning futuristic building, built of materials which are recycled or will be re-used in the future. This is in front of the ABN AMRO Headquarters in Amsterdam.