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Product Intro

erwin Data Governance expands data governance beyond IT, so all organisational stakeholders can discover, understand, govern and socialise data assets to mitigate risk, improve organisational performance, and accelerate growth.

erwin Data Governance integrates traditional data governance capabilities (business glossary, data dictionary, data catalogue, lineage analysis, impact analysis, and rules and policy authoring) with data modelling and data preparation capabilities

Unique Selling Points

Provides data visibility and identifies data integrations, implications and impacts across the enterprise to better manage change

Creates an integrated ecosystem of people, processes and technologies that manage and protect data, promoting organisational collaboration and empowerment

Breaks down business and IT silos for visibility across all domains

Helps mitigate a wide range of risks to provide regulatory peace of mind

Product feature details

erwin Data Governance provides a role-based, self-service visualisation and navigation system for data stewardship and data ownership assignments for approval processes. It features an intuitive web interface for access from anywhere and a highly configurable user experience for streamlined workflows, notifications and task assignments.

erwin Data Governance includes a metadata catalogue for creation, automation and maintenance together with a data usage catalogue to help you understand who and what is using your data. It also has a Business glossary builder for your organisation, enabling you to define synonyms, acronyms, relationships, prioritisation and approved standards.

erwin Data Governance contains Rule management to reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance, Issue management to enables users to raise issues, change requests, queries or errors against model objects and Policy management to allow users to author, maintain and publish policies.

erwin Data Governance enables users to view data lineage and understand, harvest and document the origin and journey of data and perform Data Impact Analysis using real-time impact diagrams. A data dictionary can be compiled to help answering the question: “Where is our data?” and to standardise how information is articulated. This also allows sensitive data to be discovered, identified and documented.

erwin Data Governance is available in either On-premise or SaaS options with perpetual or subscription licences.


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