erwin Data Catalog

erwin Data Catalog (erwin DC) automates enterprise metadata management, data mapping, code generation and data lineage for data movement and/or integration and modernisation of the architecture. The solution harvests metadata from a broad variety of data sources and maps data elements from source to target, including “data in motion,” while harmonising data integration across platforms.

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erwin Metadata Manager

erwin Metadata Manager creates and maintains a sustainable metadata foundation for data preparation, management,governance and consumption. It automates manual tasks to increase efficiencies, quality and time to value for data development and deployment.

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erwin Mapping Manager

erwin Mapping Manager automates data mapping throughout the enterprise data integration life-cycle, providing data visibility, lineage and governance.

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erwin Reference Data Manager

erwin Reference Data Manager manages reference data of all types to provide visibility, control and consistency, reduce costs and ensure accuracy and consistency of use across enterprise systems.

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erwin Business Data Profiling

erwin Business Data Profiling enables a data steward to maintain the quality of their data and ensure that the data is suited for its business usage. It provides data inspection functions for the purposes of qualitative assessment of data based on their metadata definitions and business rules allowing Data Stewards to manage the integrity and quality of the data sources.

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erwin Lifecycle Manager

erwin Lifecycle Manager helps data mapping project teams using erwin Mapping Manager centralise the management of data integration projects, including the requirements, design, testing and release phases. The solution accelerates project delivery, improves quality, and reduces costs by improving coordination and reducing expensive rework.

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erwin Smart Data Connectors

Optional automation and developer productivity tools that harvest data-in-motion directly from a broad variety of code types and industry standard tools and languages (BI, ELT, ETL). Create accurate visibility, improved processes and integrate data consumption platforms with reusable code, saving considerable time and money.

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