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Product Intro

As organisations strive for data-centricity and a data-driven approach to business, they look for new ways of innovating and capturing relevant data streams to action the information. This innovation is causing a complete transformation of how we approach the storage and management of data. This new approach harmonises traditional database platforms with new data sources in a hybrid data architecture.

Successful data management is all about mastering your enterprise data assets to ensure data fluency and confidence across the business. To this end, organisations strive to deliver an agile and effective data management approach that promotes increased strategic data usage while mitigating the risks.

erwin Data Modeler is the industry-leading data modelling solution that enables organisations to discover, design, visualise, standardise and deploy enterprise data through an intuitive, graphical facility built on industry standards and best practices. The solution combines a business and technical view of data assets, through integrated conceptual, logical and physical models, to provide a detailed foundation for collaboration between data stakeholders across the enterprise.


Unique Selling Points

Lower data management costs

Increase data quality and consistency

Master hybrid data architectures and infrastructure to accelerate data-centric innovation

Enable enterprise “data fluency” to optimise stakeholder collaboration and accountability

Optimise innovation and mitigate the risks by deploying reusable design and analysis standards and governing the data modelling and definition process

Standard Edition

erwin Data Modeler (Standard Edition) helps organisations manage their hybrid data infrastructure by providing visualisation of complex data structures, database design generation, standards definition, and reporting and publication. It also enables model and database comparison and integration and metadata exchange with other tools.

Workgroup Edition

erwin DM (Workgroup Edition) extends these data modelling capabilities with the additional model management and modeler collaboration services including a centralised model management repository and collaborative modeling with conflict resolution. It also provides change management and audit capabilities and management of user permissions and model security, together with web-based model and repository administration.

Navigator Edition

erwin DM (Navigator Edition) helps organisations collaborate with read-only access for a wide range of roles by providing visualisation and navigation of data models, change impact analysis, an Enterprise-wide view of data assets and reporting and publication.


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