erwin Business Data Profiling

erwin Business Data Profiling enables a data steward to maintain the quality of their data and ensure that the data is suited for its business usage. It provides data inspection functions for the purposes of qualitative assessment of data based on their metadata definitions and business rules allowing Data Stewards to manage the integrity and quality of the data sources.
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erwin Data Quality

erwin Business Data Profiling Software provides:

  • Real-time profiling of registered data assets within the data catalog: surface table/column statistics, including total rows, unique/distinct/null/minimum/maximum values and number of distinct patterns
  • Association of data quality metrics and scoring with harvested metadata
  • Viewing of sample data while browsing registered data assets with the ability to customize the preview query and view the output on demand
  • Support for user-defined metrics and scoring
    Integrated data quality reporting with consolidated data profiling tools, quality statistics and reporting of data quality information with other metadata and data curation artifacts at the environment level
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