erwin Business Glossary Manager

erwin Business Glossary Manager gives data assets business context (terminology, policies, rules) to ensure business visibility, understanding and alignment, thus lowering governance costs, reducing data discovery and analysis cycles, while dramatically accelerating the time to meaningful insights.

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erwin Business Glossary Manager provides:

  • Powerful and intuitive access and analysis through an interactive mind map that shows semantic relationships between all business and technical assets
  • Authoring and integration of business terminology in one or more glossaries, with business terms related to physical data assets, policies and ‘like terms’
  • Fully integrated, user-defined business asset types and descriptive attributes to align with any governance framework
  • Out-of-the-box and user-defined multi-relationships and associations between any business and technical asset types
  • Policy management to author, maintain and publish information policies, combined with roles and responsibilities
  • Rules Manager to define rules for the creation, use and management of terms in business language
  • Out-of-the-box, customizable workflows to manage the authoring, review and approval of business terms, policies and rules
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