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The erwin Business User Portal is a self-service, read-only portal geared primarily towards enabling non-technical users to gain easy access to data management and governance information. With its flexible search mechanisms, business users can look up information and then perform the required analysis for quick and accurate decision-making.

What we do

Breaks down silos between disconnected systems, spreadsheets, reporting and intelligence

Installs quickly and easily

Deploys on premise or in the cloud

Facilitates understanding of organisational segments and behavioural data patterns

erwin Business User Portal provides easy, flexible and efficient search capabilities giving users filter dropdown options, key in wildcard/exact text, select the fields that the search should go across, and provide the necessary inputs to the search engine. It is a self-service product; no support is required from technical experts. The portal features consistent, sub-second response times, enabling users to interact with the data at the speed-of-thought and giving them the ability to deduce the output data and to understand that an answer to one question leads to another, enabling business users to better identify and analyse metrics and relationships. It includes integration with erwin Data Governance (both use the same backend repository), so that business users can see information that has been fed into erwin Data Governance for analysis.

erwin Business User Portal provides users to access both technical and business metadata and to see the Linkage between business terms and technical metadata.

erwin Business User Portal also features glossary and reference data management, impact analysis and a clear view of data lineage, enabling users to understand the flow of information across various systems.


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