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Product intro

erwin Mapping Manager automates data mapping throughout the enterprise data integration life-cycle, providing data visibility, lineage and governance.

Data integration engineers can design and reverse-engineer the movement of data implemented as ETL/ELT operations and stored procedures, building mappings between source and target data assets and designing the transformation logic between them. These designs can be exported to most ETL and data asset technologies for implementation.

Unique selling points

Demonstrates faster time-to-value and greater accuracy for data movement projects

Reduces the need for specialised technical knowledge of ETL tools and database procedural code

Provides a central governance framework for data integrations independent of data movement technologies

Synchronises “data in motion” with enterprise data management and governance efforts for all stakeholders

Product feature details

erwin Mapping Manager provides a highly collaborative environment for data migration and data movement. It utilises drag-and-drop mapping, enabling users to use source and target system metadata to eliminate manual work.

erwin Mapping Manager includes automatic generation of various data integration components, enabling reverse-engineering of ETL/ELT components into mapping and lineage documentation, an automated data vault hub, and generation of link and satellite code, SQL, stored procedures and DDL’s.

erwin Mapping Manager has built-in versioning, allowing users to baseline and archive all mapping documentation and view change comparison reports. This provides rapid impact analysis, allowing the impact of change to an attribute or table to be identified in seconds.

erwin Mapping Manager also features an Enterprise metadata catalog which synchronises in real time and automated documentation of existing data movement components.


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