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Product Intro

The erwin Web Portal provides a simple, customisable, web-based interface that allows users to easily discover, visualise and understand the enterprise wide data sources, structures, mappings, and architectures. It is built dynamically from metadata information, mappings, and annotated diagrams sourced from erwin data models. It provides an easy to use navigation interface and view into the data landscape.

Unique Selling Points

Metadata search, browse, report, and drill-down capability

Graphical impact analysis, lineage, and “where-used” reporting

erwin Data Modeler integration and design layer lineage

Collaborative operation with tags, comments, attachments and feedback.

Product feature details

erwin Web Portal allows users to explore metadata from a collection of related data models, through browsing categorised lists, and by searching names, descriptions and other properties for words, phrases, substrings and combinations, then drilling further into the details.

Users can view diagrams depicting model interrelationships, data structures and lineage traces, and access related metadata.

The erwin Web Portal provides visualisation and access to detailed metadata contained in erwin data models, enabling effective stakeholder collaboration and increasing the level of data fluency within your organisation.


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