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How to Generate Source to Target Report beyond r7

Tace 28th November 2018

In version 7 of erwin Data Modeler it was easy to produce a Data Browser report of the mappings between columns in your model and their data movement sources. How can you do this in the latest version of erwin Data Modeler, now that the Data Browser has gone?

Assuming you have defined all of the relevant mappings in your model (if you don’t know how to create data movement sources and map your columns to them, check this out) you can get to them using the following query through the ODBC interface:

select "Target Column",
a.data_source_comment "Transform Comment", "Source Column", "Source Table", "Source Name"
data_sources_ref r
attribute a on [email protected] = [email protected]
data_source_column c on [email protected][email protected]
data_source_table t on [email protected][email protected]
data_source_object s on [email protected][email protected]

I use this query with the Query Tool (available from the Tools menu), but you could use it with Crystal Reports, Excel, SQL Server Reporting Services or any ODBC-aware reporting tool.

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